We're a Christian community calling and equipping people to follow Jesus fully: loving God, loving others, and making disciples (especially of our children). We find our foundation in the Bible, our hope in the gospel, our service in partnership with other Cleveland churches, and our power in the Holy Spirit. 


Bay Presbyterian Church seeks to be an inviting community of Christ-Followers committed to the transformation of our lives, our families, our neighborhoods and the world through the surpassing power of the Gospel.


Christ:  We center our ministry on God’s revelation in Christ Jesus.

Holy Scripture: We trust and obey the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

Relationships: We nurture, shape and equip people for ministry and mission in relationship with God, the church, and one another.

Invitation: We invite others to enter into a relationship with God and into deepening worship of God, through fellowship, prayer, and our very lives.

Spirit: By the grace of God, we are filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out the Gospel and proclaim it in word and deed.

Transformation: In grateful response to the Gospel, we go and make disciples in all those places where God calls us, even unto the ends of the earth.


After months of work, survey tabulations, workshops and unending prayer, the Elders are pleased to announce the updated Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Value (PVMV) Statements for Bay Presbyterian Church. Click the button below to find the PVMV statements. Included in this document is a complete report of the results of the Congregation Survey and the SWOT analysis.