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God designed Christian marriage for His people.  Therefore, a wedding is first and foremost a worship service, honoring God and celebrating His presence and His blessing. As you read through this information you will see that we are committed to helping you have a Christ-centered wedding AND a marriage that is centered on Christ.

At Bay Presbyterian Church, we believe, as stated in Scripture, that marriage is a lifelong covenant commitment.  Much of what we require in premarital preparation is a reflection of that belief. The ceremony of Christian marriage at Bay Presbyterian Church celebrates the unique love shared by a man and a woman and recognizes that God has established marriage and blessed it for the good of all humankind.

One of Bay Presbyterian Church’s pastors is required to officiate at all weddings held in the church.  If the couple wishes, the pastor may invite a member of the clergy from another church to participate in the service.

Pre-Marital Counseling

One of BPC’s pastors will meet with the couple prior to the wedding ceremony to discuss the meaning of Christian marriage and to plan the wedding ceremony.  Generally, these appointments will be scheduled with the pastor or the pastor’s ministry assistant at least four months prior to the wedding. For more info about Pre-Marital Counseling, contact Whitney Liptrap

Wedding Ceremony Coordinator

To make planning easier, BPC assigns a wedding coordinator to couples who contract to have their wedding performed at the church. The wedding coordinator is the point person for all church-related details; he or she also attends the rehearsal and assists on the day of the ceremony.

For more information including wedding date availability, contact Whitney Liptrap at 440.871.3822 X118.


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