Revelation with Dianna Malloy

Revelation with Dianna Malloy

LOCATION: Bay Village (BPC) Auburn Hall

DAYS/TIMES: Tuesday Mornings (9:30-11:30am)



Revelation: In 95AD the first century church is under great persecution. Christianity is outlawed, it’s dangerous to be a Christian. John, the last of the original Apostles, has been imprisoned and no one knows if he will ever return. If you were a “follower” of Jesus during this time and you received a letter from God what would you want Him to say to you? – Words of encouragement? Words of correction? Insight into what’s really going on and its final outcome? God’s requirements for being a completely committed “follower?” Revelation answers all these questions and more. Join Diana Malloy for an 8-week study of God’s final Word – the book of Revelation.