Thank you for your ongoing support and prayer. The committee has begun initial conversations with a sub-set of applicants, prayerfully considered, whose profiles aligned most closely with the position description and the needs expressed in our Church Information Form. Conversations are typically 90 minutes long and cover a variety of topics that relate to the position and the pastor’s Personal Information Form, resume, and cover letter.

We are heartened and excited! Our conversations have been rich and meaningful. The applicants are impressive in every way you would wish for. As we continue to pray, discuss and discern our next steps, we are convinced God goes ahead of Bay Presbyterian and we are also encouraged that our Presbyterian churches are gifted with Godly leaders who will strengthen the witness of the Church in a world that needs what the Church is uniquely equipped to give.

Join us in praying not only for Bay Presbyterian, but for the churches of applicants whom we’ve met, their families and their discernment in this process. Our hope is that we all would be blessed by our time together in this journey.