May 2018 Update

If you watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, you heard the stirring homily by Episcopal Bishop Rev. Michael Curry. Tongue in cheek, several BPC members texted our Pastor Search Committee suggesting we recruit him for our Lead Pastor. (God works miracles, but it’s unlikely Bishop Curry will get the job!) Even so, what a worthwhile reminder to our committee and congregation that while preaching is an important responsibility of our next Lead Pastor, it is not the only responsibility. Your PSC will also be evaluating how effectively candidates shepherd, provide leadership and care to church staff and volunteers, and how they manage church budgets and administrative duties, among other qualities.

Your PSC is now in the active stages of seeking Lead Pastor applicants. We have already received a number of applications in response to our posting the position on the Evangelical Presbyterian Church website along with some direct referrals and applications. The committee is also engaged in proactive recruiting and will then begin our formal evaluation of all applicants. We both invite or remind you to contact prospective candidates you know personally or share with us the names of pastors you believe could be a fit for Bay Presbyterian.  The Position Profile is on the BPC website under the Pastor Search Committee tab and or email address is; your nominations or recommendation are confidential.

Finally, our committee would like to publicly thank Jessica Fischer, Lois Lam and Julie Jones who organized the House of Prayer gathering on Saturday May 12 - - this was a great encouragement to members of the committee. And we also thank those in our congregation who are praying in the early morning hours and in other prayer groups within the church. Through your prayers, you partner with us and contribute in essential ways. Please continue to pray that the Lord would speak clearly to our search committee and to prospective candidates, including those individuals who may not be seeking a change in position.