June 2018 Update

As reported in May, your PSC has moved into the active stages of our search. We have been receiving referrals and application materials, and we’ve been initiating conversations with prospective applicants. Two weeks ago, we sent an email to over 100 pastors in our EPC denomination asking for referrals or for the pastors’ own consideration of our lead pastor position. Last week, PSC members followed up by placing phone calls to those who’d received our email.

In addition, last week at the General Assembly of the EPC, Ray Kinat gave a 90-second position pitch at the EPC’s version of pastoral position open mic night. (We believe there was no typical open mic revelry involved, but we can ask Ray when he returns.)

We are making every effort to gather application materials through mid-July so that we may begin the evaluation and scoring of all required application materials. Interviews and reference checks of a smaller group of candidates will follow.

We are encouraged by and excited about this work as we’ve received interest from a group of highly qualified applicants. We, again, invite you to contact prospective candidates you know personally or share with us the names of pastors you believe could be a fit for Bay Presbyterian. (As a reminder, the applicant could serve a church outside of our EPC denomination.) The Position Profile is on the BPC website under the Pastor Search Committee tab and our email address is PSC@baypres.org. Your nominations or recommendation are confidential.

Please continue to keep your committee in prayer as we seek clarity, insight, and wisdom that is God-honoring, Christ-like, and Spirit-led.