March 2018 Update

The Pastor Search Committee continues to meet on Monday evenings and we have nearly completed three essentials for an official position post: 1.) the required Church Information Form (CIF); 2.) the Position Description (as a part of the CIF) and 3.) the supplemental Position Profile which gives applicants a sense of our surrounding communities, church history, basic organization, our Purpose, Vision and Mission, and other details. These materials will be presented to Session on April 10 for their approval, after which we’ll submit them to the EPC for posting on their ministry search opportunity site. (We may post these materials to other sites, but we’re starting here with our denomination.)

Many members of the congregation have continued to offer support and ask how they might pray for us. Thank you! We’d like to offer the congregation a prayer guide, made available with the author’s permission. Visit to download. The PSC is reading a book by Pastor Chris Brauns entitled, When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search. We’ve been inspired, challenged and instructed by it. As an example of how God leads in unexpected ways, when we contacted him about using his suggested prayers, Chris was delighted to grant permission. In fact, after some conversation about BPC, he shared that his daughter attends Central Presbyterian, an EPC church in St. Louis. Her first pastor there was a beloved interim pastor named Bob Hopper. We hope this resource helps guide your prayers as we journey together in the search process.