April 2018 Update

We’re live!

The committee has created the documents required to open our lead pastor search, and having secured the approval of Session on April 10, and subsequent approval of the stated clerk of our Presbytery, our search has begun in earnest. On the Evangelical Presbyterian Church website (epc.org/mso) and on our own Bay Presbyterian website, you and prospective applicants will find three documents:

  • Position Summary – a one-page summary of the opportunity. This would be a helpful document to save to your files and forward to candidates you may wish to refer to the committee.
  • Position Profile – a 15-page narrative of the opportunity, the community Bay Pres serves, our church history, and a brief organizational summary.
  • Church Information Form – the required EPC document that provides a more concise description of the position and its requirements. Please note that some of the content may not visible on your mobile device. You may have to view it on your computer.

We’ve invited pastors to apply by completing an EPC Personal Information Form (“PIF” - a link to the form is included within the documents), a resume, and cover letter to: PSC@baypres.org.

Meanwhile, the PSC has organized in sub-committees to process and evaluate incoming PIFs, and to conduct interviews in an established progression to further our discovery and candidate consideration.

As a committee, we continue to grow in unity and enthusiasm for the task before us, surrendered to God’s leadership and sovereignty as we seek to serve you.

We are so thankful for the organized prayer efforts to support our committee’s work, in particular the upcoming Saturday May 12 prayer evening here at BPC.   We deeply appreciate your prayers and ask that you’d pray for the applicants who will contact us and those we would be led to contact ourselves—that we all would follow in faith and in obedience to God’s call on our lives.