During August through late-September,  the Pastor Search Committee was engaged in lengthy initial telephone interviews and then follow-up interviews with multiple Lead Pastor applicants.  We have now narrowed the field and are about to embark on the next phase of our search: our 12-member Committee will be meeting with candidates face-to-face. As we move into this phase, we are working through other aspects of our evaluation of candidates, including background and reference checks and listening to and watching sermons—some of which we’ve been engaged in along the way.

Although the Committee is moving into the final stages of our search, we still have important steps to complete, and our candidates are continuing to discern if God is calling them to this Lead Pastor role at our church.  Therefore, it is unlikely we will have any kind of decision or announcement in the next 30 days.   However, what we can tell the congregation is we are excited about the candidates we are meeting. We’ve been encouraged and enriched by every  conversation and interview.  And we are steadfast in adherence to the process our Committee outlined months ago, believing that God is at work in the details, revealing and confirming for us His ordained choice for our beloved Bay Presbyterian Church. He doesn’t need the process, but we have. And we believe God IS at work accomplishing more than we dared to hope or imagine. We value your continued prayers for our Committee, and our applicants and their families.

On behalf of our entire PSC team, thank you.


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