January 2018 update

Your PSC members have read a pastoral search committee handbook authored by William Vanderbloeman, a church search consultant. He wrote, “A successful search committee comes down to people, and building trust among your committee members is crucial to a successful search.” We are engaged in that process! We’re building trust in our weekly equipping meetings on Mondays through the month of January. Pastor Scruggs has conducted training on Evangelical Presbyterian Church search requirements, and the fundamentals of our reformed theology. We’ve signed a group covenant guiding our conduct and expressing our promises to the Lord, one another, and to you, our church family. And we’ve been holding each other, the search process, and everyone involved in prayer. 

On February 3, the committee will participate in a Vision Workshop with other church officers and members. This workshop will kick-off our work on creating a Church Information Form (CIF) and position description. As this begins, we will also formalize our partnership and communication with our liaison from the Presbytery of the Alleghenies Ministerial Committee. 

We’re still early in the process (see the line graphic below) and so appreciate your prayer and support. Please direct your comments or questions to PSC@baypres.org. Until our next update, we remain your brothers and sisters in this exciting work--- The Pastor Search Committee: Eric, Jesse, Jim, Bridget, Steve, Paul, Terri, Margie, Kyle, Marcia, Mike, and Stacy.