Outreach is simple: we're the connection point between the church and world.

Outreach at BPC is here to help you get involved and be a part of local and global advocacy in our church community. We're in partnership with people locally and globally, and the Church's real role is to get the gospel out to people in love and in the Word.


God's Mission is to bring His Kingdom together in restoration as every nation comes together glorifying His name. From the Old Testament to the present, God has used His People in the plan to redeem the world.  After the resurrection, the Church has been His unique vehicle to share God's love and the Gospel until every nation has heard the Good News.  Each of us has a mandate to go and serve.  We are in the Story.  We are the plan for God's Mission to redeem the world.



As we serve, Jesus asked us to be in relationship with one another.  We all have been uniquely gifted and we all need to use those gifts in the kingdom.  As we go into the Kingdom to help, we go as learners and servants that do not have all the answers or all the financial resources to fill all the needs.  We recognize giving more "stuff" isn't always the solution. We serve looking to find ways to partner together in the kingdom and utilize transformational and relational solutions.



We get involved in person-to-person relationships to live into God's mandate for Christians. This takes a variety of forms from mentoring refugee families; serving as ESL teachers; volunteering with homeless men, women, and children; mentoring at-risk kids in after-school programs; inviting international students into our homes for a holiday meal or a weekend outing; assisting in nursing home visitation; volunteering with men in substance abuse recovery programs at the Family Ministry Center; tutoring at-risk, failing, and refugee children; and joining an Advocate Team for prayer for a BPC ministry partner. It's a long list, but it's just part of the ways we're reaching out as a church everyday. You're invited to join us. Contact Outreach to find a place for you to get involved - just fill out the form below: