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Milestone Ministry - Helping Children Grow

We recognize specific milestones that are significant in the lives of children in terms of their faith. Milestone ministry events are:

  •     Shaped around those milestones
  •     For parents AND kids together
  •     Provide modeling and experience with faith training skills
  •     Offer tools to facilitate faith training in the home

Milestone Ministry events include:


A baptizing elder will come alongside you and your family to grow a relationship with you and to encourage your growing relationship with the family of faith. Find out more about baptism at BPC.

Preschool Family Workshop: 

A parent class and a family workshop are offered to teach the whole story of the Bible (we call it “His-Story”): Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration as the framework for faith conversations at home.  Preschool Bibles and bible bags will be offered at the workshop. Offered in the Fall.

Communion Family Workshop:

 A parent class and family workshop helps parents discern their child’s readiness for this sacrament and prepare them to receive Communion. A shared meal and Communion experiential are part of this workshop.

Second Grade Bible Workshop:  

Every year we dedicate one evening in the fall for our second graders to receive their Bibles.  This workshop is for the child and parent. Congregational recognition will follow on a Sunday morning following the event.

5/6 Culture Workshop:  

This milestone is currently being developed. Stay tuned & read more.

Freshmen Culture (FC):  

High school Freshmen will dig deeper into His Story while discovering how that story impacts their lives individually, in community and on mission. Parent seminars accompany the FC semester. The FC experience culminates with FLOOD weekend - our in-town spiritual retreat weekend for teens. Offered each Fall/Winter. Read more about Freshman Culture.

Bay Presbyterian Church - 25415 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH 44140 -  440.871.3822