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Premarital Ministry

We acknowledge that God knows best how marriage works because he designed marriage! Marriages start off best when God and His plans are central to the couple's relationship.  Our premarital process involves your officiating pastor and trained lay “coach” couples. Coach couples meet with you before the wedding and during your first year of marriage in a mentor-type relationship. If you currently reside out-of-town and plan to reside out-of-town after your wedding, adjustments can be made to the premarital ministry process.

More information on getting married at BPC.

Marriage Ministry

Our marriage ministry helps couples to: 

  • Start strong in marriage
  • Stay strong in marriage
  • Prioritize their marriage through the seasons of  family life
  • Build a marriage based on Biblical Principles
  • Rebound and grow through tough times when they come
  • Find healing if divorce has become a reality


Marriage Support:

BPC offers a wide range of care and support ministries (see below) that can serve to help couples and individuals in areas such as finance, dealing with grief and other common situations.  We also have a number of marriage studies and other resources - contact Libby Peterson for more information.

Marriage Counseling:

Some marriages are best helped by professional counseling. Short term, no cost marriage counseling is offered at BPC. Contact Tammy Wassmer, Ministry Assistant for Congregational Care at 440.871.3822 x106 to learn more and get connected with one of our counselors.

Bay Presbyterian Church - 25415 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH 44140 -  440.871.3822