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Isaiah tells us that God's word endures forever, speaking a message of comfort and challenge to hearers of its own time (sixth century B.C.), and memorable promises of messianic hope to every generation. Written 2600 years ago, it still has implication and application in the 21st century.

In literary style, Isaiah is called the "Shakespeare" of the prophets, and in theology he is the "St. Paul of the Old Testament." This marvelous manuscript has been regarded almost universally as by far the greatest and grandest treatise on the most important subject in the history of writing: Christ and His salvation. The book's significance and sheer eloquence simply cannot be overstated. The book of Isaiah was the only scroll found completely intact of all the Old Testament books discovered in the famous Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. 

Join John Murtha on Sundays at 11:00am in Auburn Hall to explore the second half of this amazing book! No registration is required. Newcomer are welcome! Fellowship time for class members is held before the class begins.

Earlier Event: September 15
Later Event: September 18