Baptisms at BPC

Baptism is one of two sacraments of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. We baptize in response to Jesus’s command in Matthew 28: 18-20. At BPC we baptize adults who are professing Christians and who have never been baptized. If, as an adult, you would like to be baptized, membership in the church is not a requirement, although it is strongly encouraged as a follow up to your baptism.

We also baptize infants who have at least one parent who is a professing Christian and a member of the church. Read our Infant Baptism Statement of Belief, and learn how to become a member.

Upcoming baptism dates are: May 13, June 17, September 23,  November 25. We also hold baptisms in Lake Erie, planned for August 12 this year.

If you have questions about baptisms contact Elizabeth Ritchie (440.871.1503 x142)