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56 Culture is a special program dedicated to our 5th and 6th grade students. At this life stage, students are in a unique position where they have not quite made the switch to abstract thinking, but are slightly more advanced than children's Sunday School. It's an energetic environment with plenty of silly games, and loads of fun, but with a slightly deeper take on scripture.

Students  should go to worship with their parents first and after that they will be dismissed to the Fallout (around 11:15 or 11:20). 

56 Culture was created to take the Bible stories they have been learning about and begin to get practical with the principals and life changes Jesus brings. Hope to see your student there!


  • Located in the Fallout (lower floor, west side of church)
  •  Sunday @ 11am - 12:15pm


Summer Culture was created for students of all different ages, from Middle School to High School, to come together and grow in godly relationships with each other, with adult leaders, and first and foremost with Jesus.

As the students  come in, we intentionally created an environment where they can get to know each other, where older students can speak into younger students, and be an example. An environment where our adult volunteer leaders can have meaningful conversations, and get to know each student, and hopefully from there start a mentoring relationship.

We created a time to play games, where students can feel involved and comfortable. After that we have a really special time of live worship, for the students and everyone in that room to re-focus on God and get ready to receive His word. Following with a sermon for all the students, where Pastor Matt Guertin will be speaking to us about the importance of obedience, on a series called The Response, which is based on Jonah's book in the Old Testament. And finally a time to break up into small groups, which are led by our adult leaders, to give some space for each age group to have a time to relate to students their own age, and go a little deeper on what was preached.

Our student culture staff has been preparing and prayerfully planning this new group called Summer Culture, knowing that God is doing something new and fresh in our church, and trusting that this will be a blessing and foundational time for our students spiritual walk with Jesus.
Hope to see you there!

Summer Culture is on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Summer Culture is open to incoming 7th graders through 12th grade (even graduates)!

For more information, contact Maria Ielapi here.


Small Group Culture was created to bring students from Middle School and High School together, on an age appropriate small group and study the word of God together, going through a bible study called The Gospel Centered Life for teens. This small groups are led by our adult volunteer leaders and staff in student culture, and are perfect to encourage healthy conversations that lead to a growing relationship with Christ.

 As we navigate and learn from this Bible study together, we hope that each student can find in their small group a safe and godly place to ask questions, grow in relationships, and mainly grow closer towards becoming that person that God created them to be, and live a Gospel Centered Life.

As part of the Summer plan that God has put in the hearts of our student culture staff, we trust that this will be a time of huge growth for our students in all aspects of their lives.
Hope to see you there!

Small groups meet on Tuesday mornings from 10:45 am - 12:30 pm. We will be studying The Gospel Centered Life. For incoming 7th graders through graduates.

For more information, contact Maria Ielapi here.

Bay Presbyterian Church - 25415 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH 44140 -  440.871.3822